14 March 2007

Hey there, Skippy Shows Mercy

I love Hey there, Skippy, even if SQT thought he was a she.


Especially because she thought he was a she.

Nevermind. It was funny. Trust me.

I've never seen an episode of Law and Order, but if they took some of HtS's suggestions, I might turn off of Discovery Science long enough to check it out.


09 March 2007

What Will Her Kids Be When They Grow Up?

Jocelyn's mental wanderings about her childrens' career potentials friggin killed me. She is brilliant in that can-pee-outside-in-her-snow-pants-and-snow-shoes-but-somehow-miraculously-not-pee-on-either.

I know. I'm skeptical too.

No chance she didn't wee on the snow shoes.