25 June 2007

So ridiculously cute, I just melted into a puddle of fluffy pink cotton candy cuteness.

Thanks Dragon Laugh, if that is your real name. Now I need a bath.

13 June 2007


Hilarious, yes.

But just awful.

11 May 2007

Mist1? Mundane?

This Carnival of the Mundane post has submissions from many of my favorite bloggers. Sit down, get a beer. This could take awhile.

27 April 2007

No time to explain, just get ready to be offended.

Old Knudsen's Shite List

14 March 2007

Hey there, Skippy Shows Mercy

I love Hey there, Skippy, even if SQT thought he was a she.


Especially because she thought he was a she.

Nevermind. It was funny. Trust me.

I've never seen an episode of Law and Order, but if they took some of HtS's suggestions, I might turn off of Discovery Science long enough to check it out.


09 March 2007

What Will Her Kids Be When They Grow Up?

Jocelyn's mental wanderings about her childrens' career potentials friggin killed me. She is brilliant in that can-pee-outside-in-her-snow-pants-and-snow-shoes-but-somehow-miraculously-not-pee-on-either.

I know. I'm skeptical too.

No chance she didn't wee on the snow shoes.

15 February 2007

If I Had a Penis....

I'm a new fan of Old Bitter Balls. He posts 38943782 times a day and is crazy, as near as I can tell. He has a lot of old nekked men on his site, I'm not sure why.

Guess he likes old nekked men.

Doesn't stop me from visiting. I find that if I cringe just a bit right before I go to his blog, I'm already prepared.

Two brilliant lists tell us what each sex would do if they had the other's
peepee parts for a day.

I love this guy.

08 February 2007

Odat Strikes Again!

Even if you hate babies, this should make you at least smile.

If it doesn't, lighten the hell up!

Thanks again, Odat, for making me giggle!

06 February 2007


He is scathing. He is hilarious. In short, he is scathingly hilarious.

Or maybe that's hilariously scathing.

Either way, our (meaning mine and his) deep commitment to the downfall of the distendedly hemorrhoidal, oozingly infectious Tom Cruise binds us together in only the way that superficial, anonymous blogging can.

post today requires some mental gymnastics as Hey There Skippy leads us from The Classics to the Afflicted with Venereal Disease.

Thank you HTS, for being such a catty bitch.

05 February 2007

The Inevitable Mist1

According to Wikipedia, Mist "can also be created artificially with aerosol canisters if the humidity conditions are right."

Who knew?

She amuses me daily with her special brand of semi-slutty humor. Through her, I can voyeuristically leave my panties on the front lawn. I was especially delighted by Mist1's Family Outing to the local gay bar.

Thank you Mist1 for being Naughty.

03 February 2007

Pant? Or a Pants? This Is the Question.

Nate is a Blog is undeniably funny. He's got some kinda weird thing going with unicorns and pandas, but it's okay, because he's a ninja.

His Movie Titles on a Blog post tickled me, not just for the content, but for the witty banter in the comments section.

Thank you Nate, for being an undeniably funny ninja.

02 February 2007

King Dad

I'm always amazed and awed when mere words can make me cry.

THIS POST by Guilty with an Explanation broke my heart and won my undying admiration.

Thank you Susan for this intimate look into you.

"W" and Condoleeza

I almost peed my pantalones.

Many thanks to Odat for brightening my day!


I need a place to keep all my favorite posts from all my favorite bloggers.


Or don't.

It's okay.